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Influencers at Cannes

Every year, the Cannes Film Festival showcases the best in international cinema, attracting celebrities, filmmakers, and the media from around the world. But recently, you might have noticed a growing number of influencers walking the red carpet. Many people wonder why these social media personalities attend a prestigious film festival without a direct connection to the film industry. The answer is simple: money.

Brut, Cannes’s official media partner, has full access to premiere tickets and the red carpet. Instead of reserving these tickets solely for industry professionals, Brut sells them to anyone who can afford to buy them. A red carpet ticket can cost up to 30 lakh rupees. Influencers often get sponsors to cover this hefty price tag, allowing them to create content at Cannes and walk the red carpet as if they were chosen for their merits.

This practice has not just raised eyebrows, but ignited a full-blown controversy. Many influencers act like attending Cannes is a huge honor or a dream come true, when in reality, they simply bought their way in. This has sparked intense criticism from those who feel that Cannes should remain a merit-based event, celebrating true talent and contribution to cinema.

The case of Nancy Tyagi, a middle-class girl who designed her dress and gained the spotlight at Cannes, highlights the disparity. Unlike many influencers, Nancy couldn’t afford to buy a ticket worth 30 lakh rupees. Her presence was based on genuine effort and talent, making her stand out as a real inspiration compared to those who merely purchased their moment in the limelight.

This trend reveals a deeper truth in show business: not everything is as it seems. While social media influencers may appear to be living a dream, it’s crucial to acknowledge the financial transactions that underpin their presence. In the end, Cannes remains a prestigious film festival, but its red carpet is increasingly becoming a stage for those who can afford to pay for the privilege.

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