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OYO: Kya Baat Kar Rahe Ho
OYO’s Ad Has Everyone Saying “Kya Baat Kar Rahe Ho”
OYO recently launched its newest campaign film, “Kya Baat Kar Rahe Ho,” showcasing its nationwide network of premium company-serviced hotels. This campaign significantly upgrades OYO’s offerings, introducing enhanced guest experiences through features like quick check-in on the OYO app.
Bigg Boss OTT
Bigg Boss OTT 3 Welcomes Anil Kapoor as Host
Bigg Boss OTT is back with a bang for its third season and this time; there’s a fresh twist—Anil Kapoor is stepping in as the new host, replacing Salman Khan.
Amazon Fresh
Amazon Fresh’s launches ‘Nahi toh Mehenga Padega’ campaign
Amazon Fresh has launched the second edition of their fun campaign, ‘Nahi toh Mehenga Padega,’ featuring actor Manoj Bajpayee as the lovable character Ghanshyam. This campaign, created by MediaMonks, shows why it’s smart to shop for groceries with Amazon Fresh.
Influencers at Cannes
The Truth Behind Influencers at Cannes: It’s All About Money
Every year, the Cannes Film Festival showcases the best in international cinema, attracting celebrities, filmmakers, and the media from around the world. But recently, you might have noticed a growing number of influencers walking the red carpet
All Eyes On Rafah
‘All Eyes On Rafah’s Viral Image Sparks ‘#BoycottBollywood
A powerful “All Eyes on Rafah” image has gone viral, shared over 44 million times on Instagram. This AI-generated image shows a vast expanse of tents against a desert backdrop with imposing mountains in the distance.
A Period Friendly World
Pee Safe Challenges Menstrual Taboos with Bold New Campaign
Pee Safe, a personal hygiene and wellness brand, has launched a humorous and thought-provoking campaign celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day. The “A Period Friendly World” campaign aims to break the silence around periods and encourage open discussions on menstrual health.