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Just like Brewing a great drink, creating a Brand requires the right mix of ingredients and process. We have been where you are and we know what you want!

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Digital Marketing

SEO, Social Media Marketing, Paid ads, & lead generation.


Branding & Media

Affiliate marketing, hybrid deals, & Sponsorships.


Creative Designing

Graphic designing & package designs.


Content Marketing

Blogs, articles, guest post, ghost writing of all niches.


Web & App Development

UI/UX designing, SEO friendly websites and apps.

AI Chatbot

AI Chatbot for website, apps,Whatsapp, customer service


Tips for Real Estate Professionals on Building an Effective Website

Tips for Real Estate Professionals on Building an Effective Website

Are you a real estate professional looking to establish a strong online presence?  In today’s digital age, having an effective website is crucial for the success of your real estate business. A well-designed and optimized website can help you attract potential clients, showcase your properties, and establish credibility in the

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How to Run Successful Social Media Ads

How to Run Successful Social Media Ads

Running social media ads seems easy: just add an image, pick your channel, and put in some money to start. But how can you make your social media ads work well? First, let’s understand what social media ads are. Social media ads are like eye-catching signs on the internet. They

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"Elevate SEO: Unveiling Backlink Types and Creation in Digital Marketing"

Unveiling Backlink Types and Creation in Digital Marketing

Let’s dive into the world of digital marketing and SEO, where we’re about to uncover the mystery behind something called “backlinks.” These little connectors play a big role in making your Website Truly Shines in the Expansive Online Realm. So, let’s take a closer look at what backlinks are, the

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We at Buzztag believe in delivering a customized cost friendly solution to satisfy your every business need. Be it a Start-up, a well-known Business brand or a small business, we partner with finesse.


Enhance your digital media presence

Automate your processes

Build your team

Help you develop your Brand.

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What our clients say

Ruchi Suri
Ruchi SuriSoft & Shine Laundry
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We are really impressed with Buzztag’s innovative ideas, designs, branding solutions. We love to look at all our social accounts these days.
Bunty Jeswani
Bunty JeswaniThe Headquarter
Read More
All of our creatives are designed by Buzztag. They are our official marketing partners, and the business has been amazing since then. This is always our go to destination for all the branding and marketing solutions.
Rohit Agrawal
Rohit AgrawalShri Hari Ram Incense
Read More
Starting from a local brand to now Buzztag helped us tell our story. I absolutely loved the customized stuff they did for us. The logo, packaging, and website were really great.
Madhur Bhat
Madhur BhatWinKings
Read More
The mobile and web development team was able to get what we are looking for. Our customers are very happy with the user-friendly UI.
All in one Basket
All in one Basket
Read More
Our Ecommerce store was really great we loved and would like to develop a mobile app from Buzztag as well. We immensely appreciate their patience and work.

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