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All Eyes On Rafah

A powerful “All Eyes on Rafah” image has gone viral, shared over 44 million times on Instagram. This AI-generated image shows a vast expanse of tents against a desert backdrop with imposing mountains in the distance. 

It symbolizes the plight of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who sought refuge in Rafah during Israel’s military campaign against Hamas.

The image quickly gained traction following a series of deadly Israeli airstrikes in Gaza that claimed many lives. It has become a symbol of international condemnation of civilian deaths in Rafah. Celebrities like Pedro Pascal, Bella and Gigi Hadid, and Ousmane Dembele have joined the campaign, sharing the image on their social media platforms.

Bollywood actors also participated, sharing the post on Instagram. However, this sparked a backlash from fans, leading to a resurgence of the #BoycottBollywood trend. Madhuri Dixit was among the Bollywood celebrities who supported the campaign but later removed her post after facing criticism.

The campaign’s message spread beyond Instagram to other social media channels, especially on X (formerly Twitter), where the hashtag #alleyesonrafah saw nearly a million mentions. Discussions about the Israeli assault on Gaza surged, with over 27.5 million messages exchanged in just three days.

The Israeli airstrikes on Rafah led to a devastating fire at a relief shelter, resulting in 45 civilian deaths, including children, and injuring 249 others. In response, Israeli authorities launched their own social media initiative, sharing a photo captioned “what your eyes fail to see,” highlighting the plight of hostages held by Hamas.

The Benjamin Netanyahu-led government posted the image on X with the caption, “Where were your eyes on October 7?” This referred to the Hamas attack on Israel that resulted in significant casualties and hostages.

The “All Eyes on Rafah” campaign continues to draw attention to the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and the call for a ceasefire. Using a viral image and leveraging the influence of celebrities, the campaign has raised global awareness and sparked crucial conversations about the conflict.


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