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A Period Friendly World

Pee Safe, a personal hygiene and wellness brand, has launched a humorous and thought-provoking campaign celebrating Menstrual Hygiene Day. The “A Period Friendly World” campaign aims to break the silence around periods and encourage open discussions on menstrual health. With the statistic that 8 in 10 women feel silenced by societal barriers when talking about their periods, Pee Safe is taking a bold step to change this narrative.

The campaign uses humor to engage the public and debunk myths about menstruation. Pee Safe hopes to capture attention and start conversations by featuring a series of funny video ads. The ads show exaggerated reactions of family members when a girl casually mentions her period, highlighting the absurdity of the stigma around menstruation. The key message is clear: “It’s just periods. Shouldn’t menstrual hygiene be normal? It’s 2024.”

Pee Safe’s campaign is centered around the hashtag #PeriodFriendlyWorld, aligning with the global theme of creating a more inclusive environment for menstruators. The initiative includes engaging social media content, influencer collaborations with over 300 influencers, and the distribution of 5,500 samples of their Ultra-Thin Sanitary Pads across India. This effort aims to ensure access to quality menstrual products and promote hygiene.

Vikas Bagaria, founder of Pee Safe, emphasizes the importance of this campaign. “We envision a world where periods are treated with the respect and normalcy they deserve. By challenging norms and fostering open dialogue, we aim to achieve a more supportive and period-friendly world for all.”

The campaign seeks to normalize periods and encourages male family members to participate in these discussions. Pee Safe aims to combat misinformation and improve menstrual hygiene management by breaking the silence and stigma. The campaign builds on the success of their ongoing “Haq Se Period” campaign, which has already distributed over 2 million menstrual products and conducted over 370 awareness sessions in more than 90 cities.

Through this campaign, Pee Safe is not just paving the way for a future where everyone, regardless of gender, feels comfortable and informed about menstrual health. It’s creating a future where everyone feels included and valued, where the stigma around periods is a thing of the past. The humorous approach and poignant messages are designed to make a lasting impact and create a more inclusive society, one period at a time.

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