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Amazon Fresh Launches New ‘Nahi toh Mehenga Padega’ Campaign with Manoj Bajpayee as Ghanshyam

Amazon Fresh has launched the second edition of their fun campaign, ‘Nahi toh Mehenga Padega,’ featuring actor Manoj Bajpayee as the lovable character Ghanshyam. This campaign, created by MediaMonks, shows why it’s smart to shop for groceries with Amazon Fresh.

In the first ad, Ghanshyam, played by Manoj Bajpayee, rushes to get his groceries and misses out on great deals and offers. To remind himself to shop from Amazon Fresh, he writes “Amazon Fresh se grocery laao nahi toh mehenga padega” on post-it notes. This ad highlights the savings you can get with Amazon Fresh.

In the second ad, Ghanshyam makes the same mistake again. He forgets to order from Amazon Fresh and ends up with rotten fruits. Frustrated, he looks at his whiteboard reminder that says, for good quality fruits and vegetables, “Amazon Fresh se grocery laao nahi toh mehenga padega.” This ad focuses on the quality of Amazon Fresh products.

Harsh Goyal, Director of Grocery at Amazon India, says the campaign delivers a key message that will stick with viewers. He points out that Amazon Fresh offers great value with bank offers, cashback, and high-quality fruits and vegetables that pass a four-step quality check. Plus, with delivery in 2-4 hours and no delivery fees, Amazon Fresh makes grocery shopping easy and affordable.

Manoj Bajpayee is excited to be part of Amazon Fresh. He enjoys cooking at home and values the quality and convenience Amazon Fresh offers. He believes Amazon Fresh is the best place for grocery shopping because of its quality products, great prices, and convenient delivery options.

In short, the ‘Nahi toh Mehenga Padega’ campaign shows why shopping on Amazon Fresh is a smart choice, offering both savings and quality.

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