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Pond’s Skin Institute is pleased to announce Kiara Advani as its new brand ambassador. Known for her beauty and style, Kiara Advani returns to represent the brand, aiming to strengthen its connection with audiences across India, especially in the North.

Pond’s Skin Institute, a pioneer in skincare innovations and patents, is excited about the strategic partnership with Kiara Advani. This collaboration is a powerful blend of scientific expertise and engaging storytelling designed to strengthen their bond with the audience and promote the brand’s message.

Kiara Advani expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, “I’m delighted to be back with Pond’s Skin Institute, a heritage beauty brand renowned for its dedication to quality. As their ambassador in this new chapter, I look forward to our continued commitment to skincare excellence.”

Pratik Ved, head of Skincare, Beauty, and Wellbeing at Hindustan Unilever Limited, commented on the partnership: “We are delighted to welcome Kiara to the Pond’s family. Her iconic beauty and style resonate with consumers across the country. 

This strategic partnership underscores our dedication to merging innovation with aspirational beauty, ensuring Pond’s Skin Institute’s leadership in skincare.”

As part of this exciting collaboration, Kiara Advani will be the face of Pond’s new TV commercial. This commercial, set to launch soon across traditional and digital platforms nationwide, significantly enhances the Ponds brand’s presence and engagement. It will bring Pond’s innovative skincare solutions to a wider audience, thanks to Kiara’s beautiful presence.

With Kiara Advani as the face of Pond’s Skin Institute, the brand aims to continue inspiring and innovating in the skincare industry, ensuring its message of quality and excellence reaches every corner of the country. Watch for the new campaign and see how Pond’s Skin Institute and Kiara Advani bring their vision of beautiful, healthy skin to life.

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