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kickstart kit by gaurav gupta

Introducing the Gabit Skincare Kickstart Kit – a unique blend of science and nature, designed to be your new ally in achieving flawless skin! 

Let’s delve into what sets this kit apart and why it is a revolutionary addition to your skincare routine.

Gabit, a brainchild of Gaurav Gupta (Ex co-founder of Zomato) and Arpana Shahi, is revolutionizing the world of wellness. With their deep understanding of skincare and their commitment to merging AI technology with tailored guidance, Gabit offers a holistic skincare, nutrition, and fitness approach. And with their Skincare Kickstart Kit, they’re revolutionizing how you care for your skin.

So, what does the Gabit Skincare Kickstart Kit contain? Let’s explore.

Niacinamide & Hyaluronic Acid Face Wash: The Gabit face wash contains nourishing ingredients like Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid, and Acai berries. These elements deeply hydrate and revitalize the skin, leaving it refreshed and ready for the day.

8% Vitamin C Face Serum: This potent serum from Gabit helps combat pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Formulated with Alpha Arbutin, Ferulic Acid, and Hyaluronic Acid, it brightens and evens out the complexion. Additionally, Superfood Centella Asiatica and ProVitamin B5 work to heal and nourish the skin.

100% Mineral Sunscreen: Gabit’s mineral sunscreen provides maximum protection against harmful UV rays with SPF 50+ and PA++++. Ingredients like Indian Gooseberry, Indian Winter Cherry, and Oats protect the skin, enhance radiance, boost collagen production, and control breakouts.

Combined with the Gabit Skincare Kickstart Kit, these products offer a comprehensive approach to achieving healthier, glowing skin. Whether you’re new to skincare or a seasoned enthusiast, this kit provides everything you need in a simple, easy-to-use format to kickstart your journey to better skin.

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