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Trave lwith Limca

Limca, our childhood beloved soft drink, has introduced its latest campaign, #TravelwithLimca, featuring everyone’s current favourite actress Triptii Dimri as the brand’s face. Developed by Studio X, this campaign encourages people to explore their cities while enjoying a refreshing Limca.

Triptii’s Passion for Adventure:

In the campaign film, Triptii takes viewers on a lively bus ride through the city, fueled by the refreshing taste of Limca. With each sip, she finds herself filled with happiness, igniting a sense of excitement and curiosity. Energized by the drink, Triptii sets out to uncover the richness of her city, from busy markets to tasty street food stalls.

Triptii shares her enthusiasm for joining the Limca family, expressing her love for exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. She hopes to inspire others to embark on their own adventures with Limca by their side.

Limca’s Legacy:

Ruchira Bhattacharya, Senior Director at The Coca-Cola Company, highlights Limca’s legacy of refreshing consumers with its unique lime and lemon flavor for over five decades. The #TravelwithLimca campaign encourages people to rediscover their cities’ beauty and rejuvenate themselves with a chilled Limca.

Mukund VML, Chief Strategy Officer at Studio X, emphasizes the campaign’s focus on uncovering hidden treasures within one’s city. Every detail of the commercial, from the bus stop names to the illustrations, reflects the local context. Triptii’s vibrant personality perfectly captures the essence of Limca.

Overall, the #TravelwithLimca campaign invites everyone to embrace the joy of exploration and refreshment, with Triptii Dimri leading the way, every city adventure becomes a memorable and revitalizing experience. So, grab a Limca, hop on a bus, and let the adventure begin!

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