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Ghazal Alagh, the co-founder and CEO of Mamaearth, has recently warned against blindly adopting Korean skincare trends, underlining the importance of choosing products tailored to Indian skin concerns. In a post on LinkedIn, she highlighted the key differences between Korean and Indian skin and the potential traps of following K-beauty routines.

Alagh pointed out two significant factors that distinguish Korean skin from Indian skin. Firstly, she noted that Koreans generally have lower melanin content, resulting in fewer issues like tanning, pigmentation, and uneven skin tone than Indians, who have higher melanin levels

Secondly, she highlighted the climate disparity, stating that Korea’s cold and dry weather allows for elaborate skincare routines involving 8-12 steps. In contrast, India’s hot and humid climate may lead to pore-clogging and acne with such extensive routines.

While acknowledging the popularity of Korean skincare products worldwide, Alagh urged Indians to exercise caution. She highlighted the potential risks of blindly following K-beauty routines, such as using products not suitable for Indian skin types. Instead, she advised people to understand their skin type and concerns and opt for products crafted explicitly for Indian skin. Alagh emphasized the importance of tailoring skincare routines to individual needs and the Indian climate.

Alagh’s insights have been met with a positive response from many users, who found her post informative and valuable. They echoed her advice, emphasizing the necessity of understanding one’s skin needs and choosing products accordingly for a healthy skincare routine. This positive reception further underscores the relevance and importance of Alagh’s advice.

Mamaearth, founded by Ghazal Alagh and her husband Varun Alagh in 2016, has gained prominence for its focus on natural ingredients and addressing specific skin concerns. As the skincare industry continues to evolve, Alagh’s advice reminds us to prioritize understanding and catering to the unique needs of Indian skin amidst the allure of global beauty trends.

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