Kharadi, situated in the eastern part of Pune, Maharashtra, has emerged as a rapidly developing locality that has garnered significant attention. Its proximity to the renowned industrial hub of EON IT Park has been a major driving force behind its transformation into a highly sought-after destination for residential and commercial purposes, leading to its rapid development.

Residential Investments

One critical factor that makes Kharadi an ideal choice for residential investments is its impressive road projects and well-developed civic infrastructure. The area has witnessed substantial growth in social infrastructure, primarily due to the presence of numerous IT parks. This has resulted in significant infrastructural development, making Kharadi a prime location for property investments.

Hub of IT companies 

Kharadi has earned recognition as one of Pune’s most promising and upcoming micro-markets. This recognition is largely attributed to establishing of new IT and commercial spaces, leading to its designation as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Notably, Kharadi is home to prestigious establishments like the EON Free Zone, EON Knowledge Park, and Buzztag Media, solidifying its reputation as a hub for technology and marketing industries. These developments have played a pivotal role in the rise of Kharadi as a thriving business and investment destination.


The Pune Municipal Corporation has been actively focusing on the development of Kharadi for several years. As a result, the area has witnessed substantial improvements in its civic infrastructure. Modern and well-maintained roads add to the allure of Kharadi as a prime residential investment destination. Additionally, the area has experienced significant growth in social infrastructure, driven by the abundance of IT parks. This overall infrastructural development has further contributed to the region’s growth.

Connectivity to key locations

A significant advantage of Kharadi is it enjoys excellent access to key locations in Pune. The area provides convenient connectivity to commercially developed regions such as Viman Nagar, Mundhwa, Ranjangaon, Wagholi, Hadapsar, Nagar Road, Sholapur Road, Kalyani Nagar, and Koregaon Park. The Pune-Ahmednagar and Pune-Solapur National Highways are close to Kharadi, ensuring seamless access to major road networks. This enables residents to commute easily to different parts of the city and neighboring regions.

Places to hang out 

Kharadi offers a vibrant social and entertainment lifestyle, providing residents with a much-needed break from their busy work lives. People of all ages can access various facilities and avenues to engage in multiple activities. The area boasts top-notch malls like Amanora and Seasons Mall, which attract many residents for shopping and leisure activities. These malls offer various stores, entertainment options, and dining establishments, providing a comprehensive shopping and entertainment experience. Additionally, movie theatres like PVR Cinemas connect residents to the latest movies and cinematic experiences.

Gardens and Parks

Despite the inclination towards Western culture and entertainment, Kharadi provides opportunities to maintain fitness and connect with nature. The area has several parks and gardens, including Kharadi Garden, Arya Sports Club, and IT Park Ground. These green spaces offer tranquil settings where residents can engage in various activities. Sports enthusiasts can enjoy playing different sports within these premises. In contrast, others can take early morning or evening walks, allowing them to stay connected with nature and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Kharadi offers numerous options for spending quality time with family and children on a Sunday evening. There are various activities and venues to choose from, catering to different preferences and choices. Residents have ample opportunities to create lasting memories with their loved ones, whether enjoying a picnic in the park, engaging in outdoor games, or exploring other recreational options.


In conclusion, Kharadi provides a well-rounded social and entertainment landscape, ensuring residents can access various amenities and activities. Organizations in Kharadi also benefit because of the availability of some of the best marketing, advertising, or digital marketing agencies, such as Buzztag Media Pvt Ltd, that help businesses grow their presence digitally.