Search engine marketing (SEM) is the digital method of marketing to increase the visibility and ranking on the search engine results page (SERP). Digital marketing or internet marketing is the most crucial stage for any online business. This digital marketing is growing eximiously than conventional marketing methods of pamphlets or banners. After late 1990, when the number of websites grew slowly, users started using the google search engine to gather information. But the world saw a sudden revolution around 2007 when the Yahoo search engine became the most popular.

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Search Engine marks used some strategies to optimize the website, like maximizing the length of keywords and creating a user-friendly website. During this evolution of the marketing technology pay-per-click, a tool was launched, as half of the meaning is evident with the word pay-per-click. But let’s dive into the ocean of paid SEM.

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Paid advertisements:

Pay-per-click is an advertising tool to generate more traffic and bring more revenue to the website; if the user clicks the ad, the advertiser has to pay the publisher.

Google ads are the best example of PPC (Pay per click). A fixed price is agreed upon between the publisher and the advertiser. There is a simple formula on which the Cost per click is calculated  between two CPC=cost÷click

The advertiser only has to pay the number of times users have clicked on the ad.

The paid advertisements can be in the form of texts, pictures, videos, or GIFs depending on the need and type of business. The ad promotes the business, spreads the news to remote areas, and builds a good impression in the market.

Everyone has witnessed and experienced that people prefer buying a pen or a flat online after the pandemic rather than hopping on the streets. Still, before making any decisions, users like to search the rankings on google search and accordingly decide. Let us understand it with another example when you start watching a video on YouTube, it begins with an ad that can be skipped later. Have you ever wondered what type of ad that is? It is nothing but simply Pay-per-view or pay-per-click. Once you watch it entirely then, the advertiser gets the money. Some ads are skippable, and others are non-skippable. Similarly, watching the reels on Instagram, you will find some ads in between that also come in the pay-per-click category. Once you click on a specific ad, google quickly targets the audience, showing you similar ads or ads based on your google search history.

Organic SEO:

Organic SEO is a low-cost and effective way of Search Engine Optimization to surge your google rankings on google or bing. Slowly and steadily wins the race, and so-called for the Organic SEO. Organic SEO is unpaid results that flash on your search engine, be it yahoo, google, or bing.

For example, if you search best digital marketing company in Kharadi, the results will show the name ‘Buzztag Media; this is all part of an organic search. The visitors come to know about your website through organic search. They are paying any third party for that.

Now, to be on the top of google indexing, certain factors such as URL, domain, page speed, high-quality keywords, photos, videos, new and fresh content, and mobile friendliness are back-boned.

Conclusion: Organic SEO and paid SEM to work hand in hand for digital marketing, and who knows this better than Buzztag media? Buzztag media, the leading marketing solution company in Kharadi, doesn’t provide short-term solutions. Instead, they research and deliver an optimized solution for marketing strategies. Our goal is to adopt a combined approach to SEO and Paid advertisements on google and other social media platforms. Buzztag media is an established firm eager to serve your demands on becoming more visible on search engines.