What is the first thing that comes to our mind after listening to or reading Artificial Intelligence? Which is your all-time favorite movie? “The Matrix,” “I Robot,” or the war between two machines, “Terminator.” It was 100 years ago in the 1990s when anyone could only relate artificial intelligence company In Pune to movies about building mega cities or human-like acting robots. In the late 1950s, the world saw a new subject of engineering, “Machine Learning” (ML). ML was initially used for building digital images using black and white pixels.

As we have entered a new era, science and technology have gone through several revolutions, and so has digital marketing. Currently, artificial intelligence and machine learning have become the backbone of digital marketing.

Is AI the Future of Digital Marketing?

The main aim of the companies is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction and a great customer experience. There is a positive impact on the growth of a company and the building of a customer base using AI. There are assorted examples of AI in our day-to-day lives, be it Alexa, Siri, Netflix, or self-driving cars. These are all mathematically programmed machines that are designed to imitate intelligent human behavior. It enhances productivity, increases efficiency, successful marketing, and many more.

The following are the three major developments in artificial intelligence for polishing up the user experience.

  1. Chatbots: Everyone may have used chatbots every time they check on every website. A chatbot is a software-based application. It simulates human chat through voice or text messages. Chatbots are the virtual assistants of a company that performs daily tasks very efficiently. They are programmed to perform the task in three simple steps: understand; act; and respond. For example, if you ask Alexa to play a melodious song, first it will recognize your voice and interpret the message using a series of algorithms. Then, according to the top Google search, it will play a melodious song for you. Because chatbots are quick in time, they reduce the customer’s waiting time, increasing customer satisfaction.
  2. Content Creation: Creating optimized and relevant content builds a transparent relationship between business to business and business to customer. High-quality content leaves an impact on the customers’ minds as a result, building a positive image and impression of the brand. AI software can also run on this platform. The contents written by the AI are more customer-focused and more relevant to the existing data. It can write emails, and e-books, create ads on social media, and scan emails. It is useful in expanding the business by increasing the production of content writing.
  3. Image recognition: Every now and then, your photo has been tagged on Facebook by a close friend. This is not a trick; it’s another task performed by AI to create better customer satisfaction. Let’s take one more example to study it more deeply. You may have noticed the search with your camera’ option on your Google search. When you click on the image, it interprets and helps you recognize the thing with the help of all the data preinstalled in it. It just acts similarly to how the human brain works when asked a question.


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