Can you imagine starting a day without any Android app development?

A normal day begins with scheduled alarms on your mobile device, which is the basic example of Android app development. You will go to the office by car or bike today, depending on the weather conditions, and it will also depend on the weather Android application. The largest number of Android applications run on Java and Kotlin. Some apps run C and C++.

In 2003, the American technology company Android Inc. developed an operating system (OS) for digital cameras. It was just a project for the company, but who knew it would become an operating system for smartphones? In 2008, the first cellular telephone with a new operating system was from T-Mobile. Androids run on the “.apk” file extension.

But the operating system for Apple is —iOS—which it runs on. It was launched in 2007. Currently, Apple has the latest version, iOS 16. there is a major difference between ios and android but essentially used on smartphones and tablets.

The future of Android development company in pune is very bright and dazzling because users are always in search of the best, more user-friendly apps that take up minimal space on their smartphones. They want more security and convenience while using different applications.

Here are some of the biggest Android app developments in 2022.
  1. Instant Applications: Google Play enables users to run some apps and play some games without installing them. Users don’t have to be worried about the security of these apps. A little while back, the New York Times released a corrsswordapp, another example is skyscannerapp, where users can explore the world without installing the app from the Play Store; it was built in the United Kingdom.
  2. Blockchain technology: Blockchain technology is used in the recording and processing of digital information. The goal of blockchains is that the transitions within them can’t be altered, removed, or spread. It’s mainly used in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Bitcoins are independent of third-party intimidation. It has a strong stance against fraud and people trying to alter or tamper with the information. It’s a versatile currency and is used all over the world for securely storing money. The bitcoin can later be easily converted into cash. It’s chiefly used by companies like Wikipedia and Microsoft for transactions.
  3. On demand Applications: Building a service on a customer’s demand is nothing new in the marketing industry. The same rule applies to app development. In 2009, Garrett Camp, a computer programmer, built an Uber cab to reduce transportation costs. Let’s take another example. Falguni Nayar started the app “Nayka” in 2012 to provide a one-stop platform for all beauty products. As the market was in need of any service, any developer found the need to build one app to meet the market’s requirements, and based on this research work, they developed an application. On November 5 and 6, there was a Zomato festival in Pune, and there was a need to develop an app for managing the event on such a large scale. Hence, an app was developed for the task named Zomaland.
  4. Things on the internet: It is the latest evolution in technology that allows physical objects to be connected with any system on the internet. It allows us to exchange certain sets of data. The best examples in our daily lives are smart watches, smart TVs, and doors with smart locks.


Necessity is the mother of invention. As the internet and our social circle are swelling day by day, we are always in need of something faster, which leads to the generation of new apps with the invention of more and more cool technologies. The buzztag media future demands on more apps like these, which can reduce manpower and increase business and work efficiency.