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We design a creative roadmap to escalate your business to a new horizon

Buzztag Media is a new-age digital marketing agency offering a horde of creative services that cater to transforming your business to create a distinct brand identity, right from scratch. We are a team of passionate achievers who inject every ounce of our acumen into a project. While we strive to give visibility to your product we also try to connect the dots while you are on a mission to reach out to your audience.

We try to inject every brand with a dose of creativity and develop strategies after evaluating the needs of the brand.

We are Creative thinkers!



We strive to deliver creative solutions that not only serve value but also give rise to growth & productivity.



We aspire to be known as a source to create, build & refurbish pathbreaking brand personas.




We try to inject every brand with a dose of creativity and develop strategies after evaluating the needs of the brand.


Why Buzztag


Creating a Brand Buzz: We are pros when it comes to creating a brand buzz around your brand ensuring the right segmentation, targeting, and positioning

Analyzing Competition: It’s important to understand who you’re battling with in the hustle to pitch a product. We analyze your competition with a close eye and keep a tab on their moves in order to stay one step ahead of them in the game.

Creativity & Communication: To leave a lasting impression on your customer, we help create smart, innovative campaigns with effective messaging and great copy

Building a castle of AIDA: To turn a prospect into a customer, you’ll need a lot of touch points. To increase your chances of converting leads, we’ve perfected the AIDA funnel framework.

Persistent Efficiency: We’re passionate about reducing your expenses and increasing your ROI, which we achieve by constantly optimizing your campaigns and landing pages.

Digital marketing is a vital tool needed to make your product or brand visible online. The more people notice your brand, the more they will develop an interest in your business.

  1. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  3. Website Strategy
  4. Content Generation & Optimization
  5. Quality Link Building
  6. Email Outreach

SEO gives visibility to your brand online and also pulls the right traffic to your website. 


Social media is not just a ‘sharing platform’. It is now considered a content creation and marketing platform with millions of users and audiences from all over the world.


People online are becoming more vigilant about what they consume. Good quality content always catches the eye & pulls the audience. A great Content marketing strategy can surely change the fate of your brand.


For your target audience, your website is the first impression. They will evaluate your brand based on the appearance and content of your website.

Hence, It is imperative for your business to have a professional and appealing website


Hiring an agency is the best decision you can make if you wish to ease out your business efforts. You only need to discuss your goals and their timeline with an agency and every aspect of your online marketing are taken care of. It creates a hassle-free working environment while you focus on your business.


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